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  1. [FusionTime] Binning second

    In the following jsfiddle, why i can't zoom into the second granularity, even though my data source has a data point per second, and I've configured binning for seconds.
  2. [FusionTime] Binning second

    Thanks! Now it zooms into 15s granularity, but not into 1s, could you explain why ? I am having hard time understanding how this binning thing works, I thought the value we put in the binning arrays were defining the different zoom levels we can go into. But having to set [1,2] into milliseconds binning to be able to zoom into 15s granularity really confuses me. I have to configure 1ms and 2ms binning, even though I don't want to allow zoom into ms, just to allow zoom into seconds ?
  3. [FusionTime] Binning second

    **Your content will need to be approved by a moderator It has been a week since I posted, anyone reading this ??