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  1. Format Number in Fusiontime

    Hi, how to format display Number in fusiontime? I want format like 10.000,745 but I only get raw data which is 10000.745 I can't find in the documentation. I am using fusionchart 3.18^ in reactjs code: tooltip: { enabled: true, toolText: `xxx : $series.0.dataValue <br> <b>$bin</b><br> Konfirmasi Baru: $series.0.dataValue<br>Sembuh: <b>$series.1.dataValue</b> <br> Meninggal: <b>$series.2.dataValue</b>`, },
  2. Format Number in Fusiontime

    update: using event to change element by Div Id , but I am not happy as I only get dataPlotRollOver / dataPlotRollOut on data plot Please make the properties to set it in chart configuration.
  3. thank you Ayan, will check with the version above. Cheers,
  4. is there any update about this error? Confirmed I still got this error with Fushionchart version 3.15.3 on reactjs