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  1. column_2D

    I do not see which attribute let's me set the yaxis tick marks - currently my yaxis lines are set at whole numbers, not what I want. I actually see NO attributes that include the word 'tick'
  2. column2d yaxis range

    I don't see anywhere in the attributes how to set a specific range (or even have the chart determine the yaxis range automatically), my current range is .4202 to 4.918.
  3. column2d yaxis range

    Ah, yes, thankyou. Question, do these attributes HAVE to be precisely as shown, i.e. mixed-case? can I use all. lowercase and the attributes will still set okay?
  4. When I instantiate an Angular Gauge, the needle moves to my initial value at a rate that is pleasant to the eye, not too slow, not too fast. Subsequent value changes cause the needle to 'snap' to the new value. Is it possible to control the speed with which the needle moves to a new value? For example, on a gauge with a range of 0 to 10, I'd like to, on display, start the gauge at 10, and then immediately set it to 0 so that on initial display, it would appear that the gauge is 'calibrating' or flexing the entire range.
  5. I'm using an angular gauge to show a single value. I would like the gauge to be a color gradient and not segmented into distinct colors. How to do this?