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Found 4 results

  1. column_2D

    I do not see which attribute let's me set the yaxis tick marks - currently my yaxis lines are set at whole numbers, not what I want. I actually see NO attributes that include the word 'tick'
  2. I am using the PHP Wrapper to create a multi series 3d column chart with the below constructor. The data is charted correctly on the attached chart, however the chart is missing the caption, subcaption, YAxis label and export button. $RptName, $Caption, $XAxisName and $YAxisName all contain alpha numeric data with no special characters. The version of FusionCharts XT suite is v3.12.2. My json is attached. Thank you in advance for your assistance. $arrData = array( "chart" => array( "caption"=> $RptName, "subCaption"=> $Caption, "xAxisname"=>$XAxisName, "yAxisName"=> $YAxisName, "showLabels"=> "1", "exportEnabled"=> "1", "showPrintMenuItem"=> "1", "exportAction"=> "download", "exportFormats"=> "PNG=Export as High Quality Image|JPG|PDF=Export as PDF File", "exportShowMenuItem"=> "1", "exportFileName"=> $RptName . ' ' . $StartingDate . ' thru ' . $EndingDate, "paletteColors"=> "#0075c2,#1aaf5d", "showLabel"=> "1", "legendBgAlpha"=> "0", "legendBorderAlpha"=> "0", "legendShadow"=> "0", "legendItemFontSize"=> "10", "legendItemFontColor"=> "#666666", "theme"=> "fint" ) ); $arrMultiSeriesData = $_SESSION['arrMultiSeriesData']; $jsonEncodedData = json_encode($arrMultiSeriesData); // chart object $Cht = new FusionCharts("mscolumn3d", "theChart" , 780, 390, "chart-1", "json", $jsonEncodedData); $Cht->render(); The json is attached. json.txt
  3. In our charts we have a single style that applies to a lot of labels on the chart (which include YAXISVALUES and DATALABELS). However for some reason the bold property does not apply on yAxis data labels. The chart we are using is the column 2D chart. The styling XML is as follows : <styles> <definition> <style name='connexica' type='font' color='000000' bgColor='ffffff' font='Arial' size='10' bold='1' italic='1'/> <style name='displayValues' type='font' font='Arial' size='10' color='AAFF00' bold='1' italic='1'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='BACKGROUND' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='CANVAS' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='CAPTION' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='DATALABELS' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='DATAPLOT' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='DIVLINES' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='HGRID' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='SUBCAPTION' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='TRENDLINES' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='TRENDVALUES' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='VLINES' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='XAXISNAME' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='YAXISNAME' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='YAXISVALUES' styles='connexica'/ ><apply toObject='LEGEND' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='SCROLLPANE' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='DATAVALUES' styles='connexica'/> </application> </styles> Can you confirm if this is a bug or if there is a solution to this problem? Regards Thomas Pooler (Connexica)
  4. Formatting y axis values

    I'm a new user and have searched this forum but I haven't found an answer, sorry. I have a simple line graph with values from 400k to 3.5m. Without any other options the y axis shows: 0, 800K, 2M, 2M, 3M, 4M One of my goals is to eliminate the duplicate 2M value. I get my own max value and round up to the nearest 500k. So I set yAxisMinValue=0 and yAxisMaxValue=4500000, and the y axis shows: 0, 900K, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M I'm still looking to see the yaxis value that I provide, as 4.5M or similar, so I set formatNumberScale=0 and get a y-axis as: 0, 900,000, 1,800,000, 2,700,000, 3,600,000, 4,500,000 That's closer but I'd like to display the values in K/M. It's OK if the values are calculated but I'd like to see them more as 0.9M, 1.8M, 2.7M, etc. I can't get the y-axis to display decimals. I tried passing the values as 0.9, 1.8, 2.3, etc, and then setting the y-axis label as "(in $M)", but I've tried the various attributes and combinations but I'm just not getting it. I understand that we can't specify the specific y-axis values, but it would be nice to get a better handle on the format of whatever is displayed. People have been asking questions like this for years now and there doesn't seem to be any change in this area. So in summary, how do we get a number like 847123.45 to display in a line chart where the y-axis is 0.9M , 1.8M, etc. ? Have I missed any tutorials that show exactly how to manipulate these specific aspects of the y axis display? Thanks!