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  1. bgimage cropping on 3D charts in Edge and IE

    Just an update that we are still having this problem. The clipping path that is generated seems to be defaulting to the size of the canvas area as opposed the size of the container. We have attached a html sample that shows what it looks like when it fails as well as the XML file that it is derived from. From a glance can you see anything that might be missing or might be wrong in the HTML or XML? As mentioned before this is an issue that occurs ONLY in edge and IE. test.html 884e7b59f27879d7fe057a9ff6ec7fef.cce54101e01fc166fdef9dc672c4acfb.xml
  2. Bold value does not apply to YAxis in styling

    Hello. Looking at the sample fiddle link it seems that the bold attribute is being controlled by "outcnvbaseFont": "Roboto",. Yet applying that to our own charts did not apply the bold effect at all. It merely changed the font to the one named in the attribute. Putting this on the other fiddle samples had a similar effect. with none of them applying the bold text at all. Is there an attribute where we can specify if the outside base font is bold or not? Like "outcnvbaseFontBold". We are on the most up to date version of fusion. Thanks Thomas Pooler (Connexica)
  3. bgimage cropping on 3D charts in Edge and IE

    Just an update on the issue that it does indeed work as it should in JSFiddle. Though we still have the problem, we found that it is due to the clip-path that is attached to the BG image not sizing correctly in IE. If we find a proper solultion to this problem then we shall post it here for future reference.
  4. In our charts we have a single style that applies to a lot of labels on the chart (which include YAXISVALUES and DATALABELS). However for some reason the bold property does not apply on yAxis data labels. The chart we are using is the column 2D chart. The styling XML is as follows : <styles> <definition> <style name='connexica' type='font' color='000000' bgColor='ffffff' font='Arial' size='10' bold='1' italic='1'/> <style name='displayValues' type='font' font='Arial' size='10' color='AAFF00' bold='1' italic='1'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='BACKGROUND' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='CANVAS' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='CAPTION' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='DATALABELS' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='DATAPLOT' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='DIVLINES' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='HGRID' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='SUBCAPTION' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='TRENDLINES' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='TRENDVALUES' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='VLINES' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='XAXISNAME' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='YAXISNAME' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='YAXISVALUES' styles='connexica'/ ><apply toObject='LEGEND' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='SCROLLPANE' styles='connexica'/> <apply toObject='DATAVALUES' styles='connexica'/> </application> </styles> Can you confirm if this is a bug or if there is a solution to this problem? Regards Thomas Pooler (Connexica)
  5. On our software we have an option to add a background image to a fusion chart (which is shown as bgImage in the xml). However we found something very strange in Edge and Internet Explorer. When we add a bg image it seems to crop itself down as opposed to filling the entire chart area. After investigating it seems that it decides to only fill in the canvas area. Is there a solution to this problem? Our fusion version is 3.11.3. The attached images show the differences between the charts when ran in Chrome and Edge (Capture 1 is in Chrome. Capture 2 is in Edge) Thank you for your help