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  1. Weather

    Been using fusionwidgets for weather data display, still work in progress. Dayboro Weather
  2. Update Pointer From Txt File.

    Dear support, I have created a gauge that looks like example, but I like to update the point value from a txt file (realtime) is that possible? Here is the xml file data.xml Or if I can use some setpointers that would be ok aswell, do you have an example on how to do that updating the values realtime. Thanks H
  3. First post.... so be nice :-). I have Fusionchart for dreamweaver, simply because I do not really know how to code. The question now is...... can I use fusionchart to create the xml required for the FustionWidgets. There are some nice widgets, especially the real time updating etc, that I like to use. If I can use the code generated by fusionchart for dreamweaver and replace the, lets say the swf file to show the widget that would nice. Does that make sense? Please advice if I can do something like this. H
  4. Fusionchart for dreamweaver and FusionWidgets

    Thanks for the reply, I figured it was a bit "much" lol. I keep an eye out, in case you decide to integrate it. Thanks again. H.