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  1. width percentage not working

    @Ayan Bhadury wow... Thank you for answering : ) How can I update version 3.16? I can only download the latest version(3.17) from 'https://puc.fusioncharts.com/', so how can I download version 3.16?
  2. width percentage not working

    @Ayan Bhadury I use msline, dougbnut2d, area2d, multi-series column 2d, ... all charts I use... I just upgrade version only. I didn't modify anything when i used version 3.13.4.
  3. hello, I upgraded from 3.13.4 to 3.17. 'width percentage' worked well in version 3.13, but not in version 3.17. I don't no what is the problem... please some advice..