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  1. Animation Options

    Even after adding "animation='0' ", I don't get any animation going. I am using jQuery plugin to plot the graphs. When ever a checkbox changes, the graph is plotted again, using the following function. On checkbox change, even after adding the "animation='0' " option, the graph just flickers and gets updated without animation. strXML = " <graph bgSWF='../images/chart_background.jpg' showCanvasBg='0' divLineAlpha='0' animation='0' ....> </graph> " $('#div_id_here).insertFusionCharts({ swfPath: "/FusionCharts/", type: "StackedColumn3D", width: "462", height: "300", data: strXML, dataFormat: "XMLData" }); In the examples provided in the download folder, many of the charts plotted using the xml files provided have animations. But I dont see any 'animation' option being set in the < graph > element of xml. I wonder how they are getting animated. (Please refer to plugin-options-width-and-height.html using annual-sales-summary.xml example.) Can you please point me in the right direction? BTW, the url you provided '(' doesn't have any options that are related to the jquery plugin. I dont see them in the pdf that came when I downloaded the plugin either. Am I missing something?
  2. How do I make a graph plotted using jquery plugin to use animate options? I dont see any in the documentation( Its the examples(in the examples provided in the downloaded folder) there is no option provided to use animations, but the graphs use animations.