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  1. How do I make a graph plotted using jquery plugin to use animate options? I dont see any in the documentation( Its the examples(in the examples provided in the downloaded folder) there is no option provided to use animations, but the graphs use animations.
  2. Animation Options

    Even after adding "animation='0' ", I don't get any animation going. I am using jQuery plugin to plot the graphs. When ever a checkbox changes, the graph is plotted again, using the following function. On checkbox change, even after adding the "animation='0' " option, the graph just flickers and gets updated without animation. strXML = " <graph bgSWF='../images/chart_background.jpg' showCanvasBg='0' divLineAlpha='0' animation='0' ....> </graph> " $('#div_id_here).insertFusionCharts({ swfPath: "/FusionCharts/", type: "StackedColumn3D", width: "462", height: "300", data: strXML, dataFormat: "XMLData" }); In the examples provided in the download folder, many of the charts plotted using the xml files provided have animations. But I dont see any 'animation' option being set in the < graph > element of xml. I wonder how they are getting animated. (Please refer to plugin-options-width-and-height.html using annual-sales-summary.xml example.) Can you please point me in the right direction? BTW, the url you provided '(' doesn't have any options that are related to the jquery plugin. I dont see them in the pdf that came when I downloaded the plugin either. Am I missing something?