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  1. Blue Text On Fusionchart

    It seems like this is an issue using Remote Desktop Connection and it only happens in FireFox.
  2. Blue Text On Fusionchart

    I am using Firefox to view the fusioncharts. I am remote connecting into a Windows Server 2008 64 bit instance (using 32 bit color) and my fusion charts have text that is blue and it happens in different places: the legend, x-axis label, lables on the points of a line, y-axis values, titles, sub-titles. I am not experiencing this issue using the same version of firefox and flash locally (3.6.13 and Any ideas?
  3. Is there a possibility to have multiple charts printed to one pdf or jpeg or do they all need printed separately? Thanks!
  4. Nevermind.. turns out i should have just used the msline2d name instead of the swf file name when referencing the chart.. It would have been helpful if these would have matched though
  5. Well, I finally got around to looking into this and found a fix. My version of jquery.fusioncharts.js (1.0.0b2), the products section has the wrong name for the Multi-Series line Chart. It says, " msline2d:[['MSLine',0],'multiseries']" when I changed it to "msline:[['MSLine',0],'multiseries']" it worked!
  6. I just downloaded FusionChartsFree-jQuery-1.0.0b2 and have had no issues with a lot of the charts. The one chart I cannot get to work is the MSLine chart. Is this a known issue? The following is the error i get from Internet Explorer Message: Exception thrown and not caught Line: 10 Char: 10396 Code: 0 URI: file:///C:/FusionChartsFree-jQuery-1.0.0b2/FusionChartsFree/JS/jquery.fusioncharts.js