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  1. Blue Text On Fusionchart

    I am using Firefox to view the fusioncharts. I am remote connecting into a Windows Server 2008 64 bit instance (using 32 bit color) and my fusion charts have text that is blue and it happens in different places: the legend, x-axis label, lables on the points of a line, y-axis values, titles, sub-titles. I am not experiencing this issue using the same version of firefox and flash locally (3.6.13 and Any ideas?
  2. Blue Text On Fusionchart

    It seems like this is an issue using Remote Desktop Connection and it only happens in FireFox.
  3. Is there a possibility to have multiple charts printed to one pdf or jpeg or do they all need printed separately? Thanks!
  4. I just downloaded FusionChartsFree-jQuery-1.0.0b2 and have had no issues with a lot of the charts. The one chart I cannot get to work is the MSLine chart. Is this a known issue? The following is the error i get from Internet Explorer Message: Exception thrown and not caught Line: 10 Char: 10396 Code: 0 URI: file:///C:/FusionChartsFree-jQuery-1.0.0b2/FusionChartsFree/JS/jquery.fusioncharts.js
  5. Nevermind.. turns out i should have just used the msline2d name instead of the swf file name when referencing the chart.. It would have been helpful if these would have matched though
  6. Well, I finally got around to looking into this and found a fix. My version of jquery.fusioncharts.js (1.0.0b2), the products section has the wrong name for the Multi-Series line Chart. It says, " msline2d:[['MSLine',0],'multiseries']" when I changed it to "msline:[['MSLine',0],'multiseries']" it worked!