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  1. I'm using a real-time angular gauge with two dials. one of them is that one of them is editable (editMode='1') I want to be able to understand the new value (of editable dial) when user change it I used FC_ChartUpdated and updateChart but they couldn't help .. May you please let me know How can I get new dial value when it changes? Thanks.
  2. Grid on Real-Time Graphs

    Hi .. I want to use grid beside a Real-Time chart. But as in real-time charts, new values come from dataURL, there is no data that grid graph can show. Can we use grid besides realtime graph or new type of grid chart (ex. ReaTimel-grid.swf) should be implemented? Thanks
  3. Hi.. I'm using real-time chart. There are about 9 graph in the chart. I've defined an alert message to rise an alert whenever we one of these graph show zero. My question is that 1-How can I rise an alert that says for ex. " Warning graph with label XXX is zero!! " How can I obtain which graph caused this warning? 2-How can make the name of graph xxx start blinking when it has zero value Thanks in Advance.