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Found 2 results

  1. Is it possible to change the chart output to a PNG, instead of an interactive SVG? I have used FusionCharts to create an awesome chart, however some implementations (including in a PDF or email for example) require that the chart be a static image, ideally a PNG file. I know that the user can have an option to export their chart as an image manually, but I need the website to create the image automatically and then save it to my server. Is there a way to output an entire chart as a simple image in these scenarios? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I have a number of piecharts whose sources are in seperate xml files and loaded via the FusionCharts method. I.e. var myChart = new FusionCharts( {swfUrl:"Pie2D.swf", id : "FusionCharts_1", width: 450, height: 300, renderAt: "chartdiv", dataSource : "data/Overv_T1_Executed_payments_en.xml", dataFormat: 'xmlurl' }) I also have a Javascript JSON object "piechartSettings" containing some settings that I wish to apply to each and every pie chart. var piechartSettings = { baseFontSize : 11, baseFont:'Verdana', bgColor: 'Transparent', bgAlpha: 0, showBorder:0, use3dlighting: "0", showshadow: "0", manageLabelOverflow: 1, showLegend: 1, showLabels:0, chartType:"pie", chartDim:"2D" } How can I update the chart data with this JSON object BEFORE the chart renders, so that all my charts have the same look and fell without having to resort to adding these parameters to each and every single xml file. I have tried setChartAttribute method, both before and after the render() method, but this does not result in anything. I have also tried it using the "Loaded" event, but this stilml results in a short flash rendering of the previous chart style: myChart.addEventListener('Loaded',function(eventObject,argumentsObject ){ myChart.setChartAttribute(piechartSettings) }) Does anyone have any experience doing this? A simple and effective way of controlling all charts look and feels with a single object? Thanks in advance, Björn (Belgium)