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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, ..I am checking out the hbullet and was running into the issue of apparently all fields in objects in clickURL getting converted into lower case. Since I am also passing quite some fields, they should not be changed. Any way the conversion into lowercase can be avoided ? Example: clickURL setting: p_glb_dispatch_ClickHandle({"zFunc":"MainView","zLayout":"MainView","zContent":"objdetail","zObjId":"111"}) When now the function p_glb_dispatch_ClickHandle is called, the object arrives as: {zfunc: "MainView", zlayout: "MainView", zcontent: "objdetail", zobjid: "111"} So the field names zFunc, zLayout and zContent are getting converted to lowercase and this is unwanted ? I would have to change literally hunderts of code lines to deal with this ? Any way we can avoid this ? Thanks a lot, Frank