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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, ..I am checking out the hbullet and was running into the issue of apparently all fields in objects in clickURL getting converted into lower case. Since I am also passing quite some fields, they should not be changed. Any way the conversion into lowercase can be avoided ? Example: clickURL setting: p_glb_dispatch_ClickHandle({"zFunc":"MainView","zLayout":"MainView","zContent":"objdetail","zObjId":"111"}) When now the function p_glb_dispatch_ClickHandle is called, the object arrives as: {zfunc: "MainView", zlayout: "MainView", zcontent: "objdetail", zobjid: "111"} So the field names zFunc, zLayout and zContent are getting converted to lowercase and this is unwanted ? I would have to change literally hunderts of code lines to deal with this ? Any way we can avoid this ? Thanks a lot, Frank
  2. Hi, I noticed that clickURL for the chart will overwrite all other interactive elements for the chart. For example, the legend toggle for series. The interactive element being clicked will still fire but the clickURL will do, too. I also noticed that someone reported this bug 3 years ago. I am wondering if it's fixed or is there a workaround for this. Thanks