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Found 2 results

  1. about Scatter charts regression line ,Can I draw it myself? by provide startValue[x1,y1],endValue[x2,y2] the regression line is draw by fusioncharts,use the method by itself,can I do it myself? I have already got the line's startValue[x1,y1] and endValue[x2,y2]
  2. When a regression line is turned on for a scatterplot, the yAxisMinValue is not respected. Here's one where yAxisMinValue is not respected. The resulting javascript graph will have the y axis go into negative numbers. <chart showValues='0' yAxisName='Failing Rate' xAxisName='% of Students Who Logged in' outCnvbaseFontWeight='normal' showAlternateHGridColor='0' vDivlineColor='#efefef' divLineColor='#efefef' showShadow='0' showRegressionLine='1' regressionLineThickness='1' regressionLineColor='#c0c0c0' lineAlpha='50' showLegend='0' bgColor='ffffff' yAxisMinValue='0' xAxisMinValue='0' showBorder='0' canvasPadding='0' canvasBorderThickness='5' canvasBorderColor='efefef' animation='0' verticalLineColor='#f5f5f5'> <dataset seriesName='0' anchorRadius='3' anchorBorderThickness='6' anchorSides='10'> <set label='10000000005789417' y='0' x='16.7' /> <set label='10000000005789421' y='20' x='33.3' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='1' anchorRadius='3' anchorBorderThickness='6' anchorSides='10'> <set label='10000000005789421' y='0' x='33.3' /> </dataset> </chart> Switch showRegressionLine to 0, and it goes to 0. Odd, because the regression line itself doesn't even extend past 0.