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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I am using scatter chart, Currently, I just want to show a table on hover of each data point for that I am using plottooltext. There I want to display more than two external values I am able to show only one value at a time using the tag "displayValue". Using "displayValue" I can show only one value, Is there any other way to display multiple external data on hover of scatter data points. Please let me know if anything is there, went through the documentation there I have not found anything except "displayValue" for external data. Thanks, Satya.
  2. I am currently using chart JS to do a line chart with a scatter point. I am trying to do this on Fusionchart. My ultimate goal is to my graph to look like this.
  3. hello, I am using Fusion Charts version 3.10.1. I have a requirement to display the values in dots similar to scatter plots in the Box and Whisker charts. Is this possible?
  4. We recently upgraded fusion chart API to v3.6.0. After upgradation there is some white space in the right side of the scatter chart (see attached screenshot) highlighted with red color. Here is the chart properties that are used.. <chart caption='' yaxisName='' xaxisName='' chartPalette='2' bgAlpha='0' border='0' numdivLines='0' rotateLabels='0' borderAlpha='0' showLegend='1' xAxisMaxValue='10' xAxisMinValue='0' showLabels='1' decimals='0' plotBorderColor='B8B8B8' formatNumberScale='0' drawQuadrant='1' yNumberPrefix='$' > Please suggest any solution to remove that extra white space from the chart. Thanks
  5. Pie Chart on a Scatter Plot Hi. Please have a look at the above link. Its a scatter plot basically. But, these are not just the dots. Instead of dots, we have pie charts(drill down). i.e, the dots are further divided into another category thus forming a pie chart. Please tell me if this type of chart can be created using fusionCharts. Please help. I need this kind of chart urgently. Thanks in advance
  6. I am using FusionCharts for JavaScript / HTML5 (No Flash). All charts are load well except for the Scatter chart which seems to be taking long. I want to know if this is a known issue for this particular chart type and software version. The parameters needed to query the database and feed the chart (and load it using Ajax) are not known at page load time so the Scatter chart is loaded later on an isolated click event making the Ajax call. Is there a documented performance issue with the scatter chart that I need to know about? Thanks for any replies.
  7. Hi everyone, I have been exploring the possibilities with FusionCharts for a little while now and am currently exploring their limitations as our company is looking at purchasing the full product. At the moment I am experimenting with the trail version of FusionCharts, however I have come across a requirement in our current system that I am finding that I am unable to recreate in FusionCharts and therefore would be very grateful if anyone has had a similar issue or whether there is a solution. A few charts that we currently display are a combination of column and scatter charts. I am able to recreate the chart using the 2D combination chart (currently using the 2-yAxis chart type) with column and line, but is there a way for me to render the series in question as scatter in the context of this chart? I've looked into the renderAs attribute and other chart types, but cannot see (in documentation / Google) a way for this to be done at current. Thank you for any assistance! Dan
  8. Scatter Chart

    Hello, Can we increase the height of scatter points in scatter chart? Thanks, Rohit
  9. about Scatter charts regression line ,Can I draw it myself? by provide startValue[x1,y1],endValue[x2,y2] the regression line is draw by fusioncharts,use the method by itself,can I do it myself? I have already got the line's startValue[x1,y1] and endValue[x2,y2]
  10. Please could you create a Realtime Scatter Chart or a Realtime Timeline chart. I would like a chart like the Realtime Line Chart but one that I can add datapoints which have a value and a timestamp and have them plotted with an appropriate x-axis scale. I presume this is not currently possible with any of the existing charts. Thanks, N