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  1. Hi, I am using scatter chart, Currently, I just want to show a table on hover of each data point for that I am using plottooltext. There I want to display more than two external values I am able to show only one value at a time using the tag "displayValue". Using "displayValue" I can show only one value, Is there any other way to display multiple external data on hover of scatter data points. Please let me know if anything is there, went through the documentation there I have not found anything except "displayValue" for external data. Thanks, Satya.
  2. Hi, As you said I have checked category and data object data for each category and data "|" included at first, I have removed it and tried again still the page Unresponsive. I have shared the code I can't share the whole application. please check it. Thanks.
  3. I have reduced the width and height as mentioned in the following link still, I am getting error: <rect> attribute width: A negative value is not valid.("-12"), <rect> attribute height: A negative value is not valid ("-4") at a._setFillAndStroke @ fusioncharts.js:474 a._engine.rect @ fusioncharts.js:497. and then after sometime Browser saying Chrome ran out of memory while trying to display the web page. I am using Fusioncharts @version 3.12.0 Could you please help me to resolve this issue...
  4. Hi Ayan, In my case, there will be hundred's of metrics for each metric I have to show the Graph for that one I was using pagination "LoadMore" button. By default I am showing 5 graphs if he clicks on load more button I am sending the five more metrics and get the data and parsing it to the fusion charts to display the graph. //Logic to get data, $scope.allMetrics contains the list of all metrics $scope.allMetricsScatter = function() { $scope.showScatterErrorMessage = false; // array of metrics stored in metricsData MessageBus.broadcast("metricsData",$scope.allMetrics); var i = 1; var metrics = false; // logic to send five metric names $.each($scope.allMetrics,function(metricindex,metricName){ if(i%6 == 0){ return; } metrics = true; // here in this generateScatterGraphss method will send the metric name to get the data for each metric, inside this we will call the "generateScatterGraph method" generateScatterGraphss(metricName,"name"+i); $scope.showLoadMore = true; i++; }) } // function to get the data by sending metric name function generateScatterGraphss(metricName,renderchartId) { var selectedmetricName = metricName; $http({ method : "GET", url : baseUrl +"/canaries/metricdata?id="+$scope.canariId+"&metric="+selectedmetricName, params : { isBoxplotData : false}, headers : { 'Accept' : 'application/json', 'Content-Type' : 'application/json' }, }).error(function(error) { }).success( function(response) { if(response.version1.success == "true" && response.version2.success == "true"){ $scope.showSpinner = true; $scope.showScatterMessage = false; $scope.showScatterErrorMessage = false; $scope.ver1DatawithDateFormat = (,b){ return a.x-b.x; }) $scope.ver2DatawithDateFormat = (,b){ return a.x-b.x; }) } generateScatterGraph(metricName, $scope.ver1DatawithDateFormat , $scope.ver2DatawithDateFormat,renderchartId); }) } // code for displaying the Graph, here i am parsing the data and renderchart id which will dynamically creates id for each metric function generateScatterGraph(metricName, version1Data,version2Data,renderchartId) { FusionCharts.ready(function() { var selectivityChart = new FusionCharts({ type : 'zoomline', renderAt : renderchartId, width : 1040, height : 450, dataFormat : 'json', dataSource: { "chart": { "caption": metricName, "paletteColors": "#0075c2,#ff0000", "xaxisname": "Time", "yaxisname": "Values", "showvalues": "0", "yaxisminValue": "0", "forceAxisLimits" : "1", "yaxismaxValue": "1", "pixelsPerPoint": "0", "pixelsPerLabel": "55", "theme" : "fint", "compactdatamode" : "1", "dataseparator" : "|", "labelHeight": "50", "linethickness" : "1", //Customizing anchor properties "anchorRadius": "4", "anchorBorderThickness": "2", //Theme }, "categories": [{ "category" : version1Data[0].category, }], "dataset":[{ "seriesname": "Baseline", "data": version1Data[0].data }, { "seriesname": "Comparison", "data": version2Data[0].data }] } }); selectivityChart.render(); }); $scope.i++; } <div align="center" > <div id="name{{$index+1}}" ng-repeat="item in metricsForItearion | limitTo: itemsLimit()"> </div> </div> <div class="text-center"> <button class="btn btn-lg btn-color" id="loadMore" ng-show="hasMoreItemsToShow()" ng-click="showMoreItems()">Load more</button> </div> Sometimes the graphs are showing up perfectly but sometimes graphs are loaded and then the following error appears on console you can find in the below screenshot after some times I can't event close the tab its freezing. Thanks you.
  5. Hi Here fiddle link for my code Instead of date format in category, I am using the relative time value. As shown in the below screenshot. Dynamically loading the multiple graphs based on pass-fail other selection. The graphs are showing up but sometimes while loading only the page become unresponsive and getting an error in the console like Error: <rect> attribute width: A negative value is not valid. ("-12")) in multiple times Thanks you.
  6. Hi, I am using fusioncharts for displaying multiline zoom chart for relative time with different values, Sometimes its hanging and getting error "Error: <rect> attribute width: A negative value is not valid. ("-12") " then page becomes unresponsive need to reload the page. Browser: Chrome, Firefox Fusioncharts version: @version 3.12.0 I have seen the solution But in my case I was using relative time value instead of date format. tried by reducing the width of the plot but still its killing the page. Thanks for your help.