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Found 5 results

  1. plotToolText for stacked area 2d total

    I'm using stacked area 2d, I've enabled drawcrossline. So far I've only two sets of data, so I've two stacked area graph. When I put plotToolText with Macros, it's showing two graphs of values without any issues. plotToolText: '$seriesName, $dataValue, $value' My tooltip will look something like this, I need to have the sum of the two stacked area graph values in the graph like below.? is it possible to do.? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I am using scatter chart, Currently, I just want to show a table on hover of each data point for that I am using plottooltext. There I want to display more than two external values I am able to show only one value at a time using the tag "displayValue". Using "displayValue" I can show only one value, Is there any other way to display multiple external data on hover of scatter data points. Please let me know if anything is there, went through the documentation there I have not found anything except "displayValue" for external data. Thanks, Satya.
  3. Hi , I am trying to display new plottooltext using data attribute . please help me resolving this issue. ASAP reply is really appreciated . please refer following example , to showcase test property from data field. Regards, Dashrath Degavat.
  4. Hello, We want to use the plottooltext in the dataset to make custom div, but our code is not working. I have tried in a fiddle but, there works fine. (, and in our code doesn't work. ... "dataset":[{"seriesName":"\u00cdndice", "renderAs":"area", "parentYAxis":"S", "color":"#EEEEEE", "alpha":"80", "anchorAlpha":"0", "plotBorderColor":"#EEEEEE", "plotBorderThickness":"1", "plotBorderAlpha":"100", "canvasBgColor":"#f3f3f3", "toolTipBgColor":"#000000", "plottooltext":"<div class='grafica_mensual_gc_area'>customvalue<\/div>", "data":[ {"value":"101,3"}, ... we are using fusioncharts.js and fusioncharts.charts.js Also we have detected that a few error in console related to js: fusioncharts.js -> TypeError: FusionCharts.register is not a function line 28 columns 212 fusioncharts.charts.js -> TypeError: na.register is not a function line 6 column127 Comment if you need something else.
  5. Hi all, I am creating a 3 series MSline chart where the tooltip is dynamic using "plottooltext". Is it possible to have it compare between 2 different series' points? example: "seriesname": "National Benchmark", "data": [ {"value": "19.4"}, {"value": "19.2"} "seriesname": "Observed", "data": [ {"value": "18.4"}, {"value": "18.2"} "seriesname": "Actual", "data": [ {"value": "16.4"}, {"value": "16.2"} "plottooltext": "$seriesname: $value% - is X% higher than National Benchmark" I am just trying to avoid parsing through the json and format then append all of these tooltips before the chart renders. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sarah