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  1. Dual Axis Stacked Columns and Area

    They would also prefer it being 2D instead of 3D. Thank you!
  2. Dual Axis Stacked Columns and Area

    Hi FC Folks! I am in search of a "fusioncharts dual axis stacked columns and area" type chart. This one is close, but it is a line, not an area: https://www.fusioncharts.com/charts/combination-charts-dual-y/dual-axis-stacked-columns-and-line-chart . Am I just not seeing it in the offerings or does it not exist (yet)? All the best, Sarah
  3. Thanks for your reply, Sanjukta!
  4. Anchor point show when mouseover in line chart

    Hi FC, Have we had any luck with this feature? I am in need of it too. Thanks, Sarah
  5. Hi all, I am creating a 3 series MSline chart where the tooltip is dynamic using "plottooltext". Is it possible to have it compare between 2 different series' points? example: "seriesname": "National Benchmark", "data": [ {"value": "19.4"}, {"value": "19.2"} "seriesname": "Observed", "data": [ {"value": "18.4"}, {"value": "18.2"} "seriesname": "Actual", "data": [ {"value": "16.4"}, {"value": "16.2"} "plottooltext": "$seriesname: $value% - is X% higher than National Benchmark" I am just trying to avoid parsing through the json and format then append all of these tooltips before the chart renders. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sarah
  6. Hello FC! My team has come across another issue. In the Scroll Column 2D Chart, the div lines don't always appear. Here is our JSON example and accompanying screenshot. Thanks, Sarah { "chart": { "xaxisname": "Date", "yaxisname": "Exit Rate", "yAxisMaxValue": "50", "numVisiblePlot": "30", "numdivlines": "9", "showlegend": "0", "showBorder": "0", "useRoundEdges": "1", "scrollToEnd": "1", "showExportDataMenuItem": "1", "exportEnabled": "1", "exportShowMenuItem": "0", "exportatclient": "1", "exporthandler": "fcExporter1", "showExportDialog": "1", "manageLabelOverflow": "1" } , "categories": [{ "font": "Arial", "category": [ { "label": "08/28/2012" }, { "label": "08/29/2012" }, { "label": "08/30/2012" } ] }], "dataset": [{ "color": "B3B3FF", "data": [ { "value": "56.7", "displayValue": "56.7%", "tooltext": "Total Visit Count: 1,514{br}Exit Visit Count: 859{br}{br}Exit Rate: 56.7%" }, { "value": "58.3", "displayValue": "58.3%", "tooltext": "Total Visit Count: 1,384{br}Exit Visit Count: 807{br}{br}Exit Rate: 58.3%" }, { "value": "56.8", "displayValue": "56.8%", "tooltext": "Total Visit Count: 1,307{br}Exit Visit Count: 742{br}{br}Exit Rate: 56.8%" } ] }] }
  7. 2D Bar Tooltip Doesn't Display

    If possible, I'd love to know how to get the 90,000 data label not to clip as well. Thanks!
  8. 2D Bar Tooltip Doesn't Display

    Hello FC! I was hoping you could help me with a problem. I have multiple bar graphs I am working with where the data min and max vary greatly per chart. (Please see attached example.) It has been requested of me to somehow still get a tooltip to come up regardless of the width of data. How do I go about doing this? I believe I saw in another post that the line must be at least 2px in width before the tooltip pops up. What can I do? I look forward to your response! Thanks, Sarah
  9. Hello FC! I am working on a few Scroll Column 2D charts for data timeline trending. What we'd like to do is this: Have the chart load X number of values. When someone scrolls further back in time (via scrolling left), when they reach the end, we'd like to use an event listener to make a call to pull more data into the chart from the database. I read through your event listening documentation and didn't see anything similar to what we are trying to do. http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/JavaScript/API/Events.html Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sarah
  10. Hello Angshu! Have there been any updates to this in the recent releases? Thanks, Sarah
  11. Json Attribute For Error Message Color

    Sudipto, that worked!!!!! Thank you so much Thanks, Sarah
  12. Hello FC! My colleague and I have scoured the forum and documentation and haven't found the JSON attribute for error message color. We have a dark gray bg and the error message is barely visible. Any help would be greatly appreciated! We are hoping this is something we can modify! Attached please find the message we are referring to. Thanks, Sarah