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  1. Please could you create a Realtime Scatter Chart or a Realtime Timeline chart. I would like a chart like the Realtime Line Chart but one that I can add datapoints which have a value and a timestamp and have them plotted with an appropriate x-axis scale. I presume this is not currently possible with any of the existing charts. Thanks, N
  2. Real Time Charts With Webservices

    I use real time charts with a webservice that returns arbitary JSON by using jquery ajax and chartRef.feedData( ... ). Make sure you're using a recent version of widgets that supports feedData, I wasn't to start with - doh!
  3. Angular Gauge Dial Transparency

    Is this now possible? -EDIT: Yes it is. Fixed it.
  4. javascript in Combination chart?

    The v3.2 demos have a nice example like this using the legend. [EDIT] Added link: http://www.fusioncharts.com/labs/peek/
  5. Although I have a nice "Loading..." message displayed for each chart, the performance via ajax/javascript appears a lot slower than via traditional direct dataURL links. I am using ASP.Net and AJAX with IE6. I have a dashboard page with 6 charts. When the page loads, 6 ajax calls are made to prepare the xml. On completion of each Ajax call the XML is returned and the chart rendered. I have it working with both setDataURL and setDataXML and both behave the same. I would expect each of my charts to render independently at slightly staggered intervals. However it seems the charts try to render together. At least 4 charts render at the same time (sometimes 5), meaning they start animating (or appear if I disable animation) at exactly the same time. This would be nice if it took only a few seconds, however it is more like 10-15 seconds after the first chart has received its XML. Its as if the flash charts are working together and when the first chart is ready it waits for the next, and the next waits for the next, and so on until there's at least 4 charts are ready and then they render together. The remaining charts then render once these finish animating. Is this by design, or is Flash/IE doing something? Thanks for advice as I'd like to use the AJAX methodology with each chart rendering as soon as it is ready. Giving users the perception of increased speed even if the whole dashboard is actually taking the same amount of time to load. Thanks. N.
  6. How to know default values of properties

    Do you have this for Widgets too? Thanks.
  7. I've done something similar to this but my problem is that FC_Rendered isn't firing until after the chart has finished animating. Thus the chart has an ugly "loading..." message on top of it until it finishes animating. Of course I could get rid of the animation but that's one of the "wow" factors with your charts. Is there another option? A setting to get FC_Rendered to fire before the chart starts animating? or another event I can use to hide my loading message just as the chart starts to animate? I've been trawling the forum looking for a solution but haven't found one. Many thanks ... [EDIT - DOH!!! FC_Loaded does just the trick]
  8. How to know default values of properties

    This'll come in very useful. Thanks.
  9. XSD for Fusion Charts

    Ditto, would be very useful to have an XSD schema definition for the FusionCharts XML.
  10. specifying chart width as 100%

    Make sure your Parent elements have dimensions. Tables don't seem to work too well, but DIVs do. It's nice being able to just set the dimensions of the Parent DIV and set FusionCharts to 100%,100%.
  11. Timeline Based charts

    I've done something similar to this using XY scatter and converting the x axis datetime stamp to the number of seconds from the start period datetime. Thus giving something like: y | x | * | x * | x * |____________________ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 ...
  12. Unfortunately it still occasionally fails to load one or two of the charts. However, this is only when I have a fast connection, ie on my LAN or running locally. When running over VPN connection I have not had it fail yet. Hope this helps. N.
  13. I'm facing the same problem. Sometimes all the charts render, othertimes one or two just say "Loading Chart ...". This also happens with the attached TestId example. I'd really like to use the DOM but atm it doesn't seem to work reliably. I am using IE6, with Flash 10. How do I use the RenderAllCharts() function to force a reload of all charts? Maybe that will help. Many thanks, N.
  14. SSGrid and links?

    I got this working in the end setting label to a DIV: Remove the space between "& lt;" and "& gt;" above, had to insert them as the forum converts the text to this: < >