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  1. Hi, Can anybody please tell me how to create a pie chart using annotation and place that annotation on the chart specifying x and y co-ordinates? A sample code would help me a lot. Thanks in advance.
  2. Markers in the chart

    Hi, Is there a way to place images along the co-ordinate axes. Lets say I have x and y axes defined normally. And in that chart, I want to place an image specifying x and y values. Can it be done in fusion Chart? I want it to be like the markers in the fusion maps. You place the images on the map specifying x and y values. Similarly, I want to place the images specifying x and y values in the chart.
  3. Hi, I want to draw natural gas pipelines along the U.S map. But I have the data for the pipelines in latitudes and longitudes. So is there any relationship between x/y co-ordinates and latitudes and longitudes? Regards, Pravardhan
  4. Hi. Please have a look at the above link. Please let me know if this kind of chart is possible using fusion maps.
  5. Pie Chart on a Scatter Plot

    Please could u describe "anytime soon now." I need it within a week. Please tell me if that's possible. Thanks
  6. Pie Chart on a Scatter Plot

    I dont want the pie chart to be interactive. But the placement of the pie chart should be accurate along the co-ordinate axes. Also, could you please mention as to when will the upcoming version be released containing this feature?
  7. Pie Chart on a Scatter Plot Hi. Please have a look at the above link. Its a scatter plot basically. But, these are not just the dots. Instead of dots, we have pie charts(drill down). i.e, the dots are further divided into another category thus forming a pie chart. Please tell me if this type of chart can be created using fusionCharts. Please help. I need this kind of chart urgently. Thanks in advance