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Found 3 results

  1. Markers in the chart

    Hi, Is there a way to place images along the co-ordinate axes. Lets say I have x and y axes defined normally. And in that chart, I want to place an image specifying x and y values. Can it be done in fusion Chart? I want it to be like the markers in the fusion maps. You place the images on the map specifying x and y values. Similarly, I want to place the images specifying x and y values in the chart.
  2. Hi, let me start by describing what I would like to achieve. I would like to be able to display another data series in the fusion map. The natural way in fusion map for displaying a dataseries is by gradient coloring of the entities but I would like to add another one. I would like, for instance, to be able to display this other series by using bubbles. To be more precise, we could do that by adding circle markers of different size in the center of the entities to represent this other series. Have a look on the attached document with the map of France to get the idea. In addition, I would like to do that for any fusion map. I think I could achieve this by using circle markers. I need to automatically insert the x/y positions for those markers. I have noticed that FusionMaps has a list of the most important cities in Download Package > MarkerXML. However, I am not interested in the cities position. What I would like to do is to position my markers where the entities labels are (or point to), the "middle" of the entity. For example, with the continent world map for SouthAmerica, I want to put my circle marker where SA:373M is written not in Sao Paulo or any other large city of South America. Do you have a suggestion for that ? I am also interested for any alternative approach to display two dataseries in a fusion map (one being the gradient coloring, the other to be determined). Thank you Benoit
  3. Marker on stacked chart

    Hi All, I have FusionChart XT, I need to draw some marker on a stacked bar chart but I don't find any way to do that. Have you any suggestion? How can I develop this? Please fine in attach an example of what I need to do. Thank you very much. Claudio