Discontinuous Data Using Highcharts

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There seems to be a couple of problems passing discontinuous data to the HighCharts class for iPad / iPhone etc.


Firstly, if the first value of a series is missing, it doesn't seem to be able to work out what the limits on the Y-axis should be. This doesn't seem to be a problem inherent in HighCharts, as directly creating a chart with initial values missing works fine.


I've attached a couple of files to demonstrate this. test-chart.xml shows the faulty behaviour. If you change the initial set to have a value, any value, then the chart renders fine. high-charts.html shows a similar dataset being rendered correctly when directly using HighCharts.


Another, possibly related, issue is that empty values don't seem to be correctly passed to HighCharts. In the attached high-charts.html missing values are correctly omitted from rendering. When rendering test-chart.xml through FusionCharts, however, the missing values appear to be given a default value of 0, rather than being passed as null. I have tried passing a value of 'null', but that doesn't work either.


I'm using FusionCharts version 3.2.1-release.


Any help with these problems would be appreciated.







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Thanks for the quick response, Sanjukta. That works fine now.


One other issue, though. The sNumberPrefix and sNumberSuffix are being overridden by the numberPrefix and numberSuffix. Its not too bad to just leave them out for iOS devices, but thought that you should know.


thanks again





Please try using the attached latest Beta version of the JS files (evaluation) to solve your purpose. This would be officially released with our next upgraded version, i.e FusionCharts v3.2.2.


Hope this helps. :)

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