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Scrollable Gantt Masking / Z Order Incorrect

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I'm using FusionWidgets 3.x (purchased) and Flex 4.5.1... instantiating an instance of the Gantt Chart as:


chart = new FusionWidgets();

chart.FCChartType = "Gantt";

chart.percentWidth = 100;

chart.percentHeight = 100;

addElement( chart as IVisualElement );


The XML served up includes these two options:





When the dataset is limited to 2 days or less - no problem. When the dataset spans 3 or more days - the scrollpane appears above the chart (effectively blocking it) and it looks like masking is broken. Here are two screenshots to help illustrate the problem.





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Hi Rick,


Thank you for your mail and interest in FusionCharts.


I sincerely apologize for the delay.


Please note that FusionCharts for Flex supports creating charts in Flex. But FusionWidgets would not work perfectly with Flex 4 and above.


FusionCharts v3 (core) had been coded in ActionScript 2 (Flash 8 - AVM1). We haven’t ported them to ActionScript 3 (AVM2); instead, we have modified the existing FusionCharts v3 SWF files – so that, they can load efficiently in your Flex solutions and then be controlled by your Flex code.


To facilitate cross communication between AVM1 and AVM2 we have used FlashInterface. As such, you need not bother about cross AVM issues. All that is to be done is to load the FusionCharts specialized SWF and SWC files, provide the data, and control it from your Flex project.


You would need to use the Gantt chart from the FusionCharts for Flex pack to solve your purpose.



I hope this helps. Looking forward to your valuable feedback.

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