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I have noticed a memory leak (a quite sever one at that) in the linked charts.


even on your own basic example:





The memory footprint increases by 2-3 Megs per click;


Meaning, every time I "Drill down", 2-3 megs more consumed, then every time i click "Back" 2-3 more megs gone!, doesn't take too long before I run out of physical memory.(and the 2-3 Megs is on a tiny chart, with little data. on some of our larger charts with 250Kb of XML it can be 20 Megs per click;








Please let me know; We cannot purchase your product until I have a solution for this as this is a pretty BIG bug;




This is with Flash Ver: and and

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Is there any update on this? We're experiencing the same issue in IE7.


This is a major problem when you have several charts on a page. It has actually caused IE7 to crash for us while testing. Any info or update would be great. Thanks.

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Hi All,



We are looking into the issue and shall update you as soon we come up with a solution.


Thank you for your continued patience and patronage.

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