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Printmanager With Pie2D Issue

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Below is js for rendering Pie2D chart, but I want to know why the piechart always can not ready for managed print

and whether all categories support managed print. I need your help.


<script type="text/javascript">

var chartSWF= "../../resources/flash/Pie2D.swf";

var strJson = ${jsonString};

var chartId= "Monthly Allocation";

var chartWidth= 600;

var chartHeight=300;


var _chart = new FusionCharts(chartSWF, chartId, chartWidth, chartHeight);


// Provide entire XML data using dataXML method

_chart.setJSONData (strJson);


//Finally, render the chart.



FusionCharts.addEventListener("PrintReadyStateChange", function (e, a) {

document.getElementById("printButton").disabled = !a.ready;

document.getElementById("status").innerHTML = a.ready ?

'Charts are ready for print. You may use File->Print now.' :

'Charts are not ready for managed print. Please wait.'






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Guest Angshu



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


Please note that Print Manager takes a bit of time to prepare all the charts ready for printing. It depends on the size of the chart as well as the processing power of the client side computer. If print action is invoked while the Print Manager is not yet ready with the image, the chart does not show up in the print media. However, if the function managedPrint() is called, it automatically waits for the all the chart to get ready before it proceeds to call the window.print() function.


Hence, it is recommended to call managedPrint() function instead of the other actions.


More details at: http://www.fusioncha...intManager.html

Hope this helps.

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