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3D Column Floor

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Thank you for the post.


I'm afraid, FusionCharts does not natively supports the feature, to provide different colors for the floor of the 3D Column chart.


As a work around, FusionCharts v3 introduces the concept of Color Palettes. Each chart has 5 pre-defined color palettes which you can choose from. Each palette renders the chart in a different color theme. Valid values are 1-5.


Combining the palette attribute with canvasBgColor would give a different color to the floor of the 3D Column attribute.


Ref. Code:

<chart...... palette='1' canvasBgColor='2F4F4F'>


Please find the attached screenshots for your reference.


I hope this helps.:)




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Thank you. I added palette='2' and achieved a grey floor which, oddly enough, is what I was looking for.


Just a heads up for any one else with the same issue; you don't have to necessarily combine a palette assignment with a canvasBgColor as I used showCanvasBg='0' and achieved the same result.




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