High CPU Usage, Browser Crash with wmode and Multiple Graphs

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Currently we are developing an application that has dependencies on charts.


We are on Core 2 Quad CPU with 3 gigs of ram. (This is just for those who think its because of CPU/Memory/Graphics Card)


Windows XP




Yet FireFox v2 hangs and the CPU usage jumps to 50%. Even Chrome shows an increace in CPU usage.


I.E. v6 works absolutely fine.




we are trying to display about 15-20 instances of the chart but only Six get displayed and then it FF acts crazy.




Strangely, on some machines (same config as above) more than six charts are displayed, but never the intended 15.




We are using Javascript/XML to generate the graphs.






Could it be possible that since the frame rate is high, and, flash ActionScript "listens" to events continuously, this might be creating issues with FF?


Maybe its the way Fusion Charts is set up, using flash, that it conflicts with the way FF manages resources/memory?




Any success dropping the frame rate to 15 or 20 fps????




We are right now evaluating FusionCharts. if this issue persists we may as well stay away from it.




Thanks to all who have posted here as we now know we are not the only ones facing this issue.

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I was having the same problem myself. Upgrading to the latest version of Flash seemed to help resolve a lot of the problems. CPU utilization is still pretty high in FF though.





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Hello everyone,




As a representative from FusionCharts team, we would like justify our position here. Currently, FusionCharts v3 animations are based on a combination of fps and time. We've set the fps to 120 to attain smooth animation. However, if we decrease it to 24 or 20 fps, the animations are not as smooth. As such, we're not changing the fps of core product to 20 yet. And moreover, the fps is only causing problem in Firefox, which we've reported to Mozilla.




We're also working on FusionCharts v4, which ground-up uses fps of 20-24 and dynamically adjusts it at run-time based on the CPU performance and the available resources for that particular chart in any browser instance. This will definitely improve things overall. The only catch is that FusionCharts v4 ETA is Q2-2009.




We do have parallel 20fps versions of FusionCharts v3 for those who might be interested in it. Just drop us an email at support [at] with your order Id, and we'll be glad to send it over to you.

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while trying to 'rotate ' a pie...IE 6 tries to think...then hangs and sometimes needs killing or dies completely when using wmode=transparent

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