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Stack Chart Total Values Instead Of Individual Values For Each Stack

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I am using a stack chart that displaying values for each chart separately. I want to display a sum instead of individual values. I tried to use <chart showSum="1"> but its not working as expected...


Can you help me out here? I am using Javascript charts!! I am not using the free version.


Thank you.


Here is my XML:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><chart showSum="1"><categories FontSize="10"><category Label="P 02 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 03 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 04 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 05 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 06 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 07 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 08 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 09 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 10 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 11 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 12 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 13 " ShowLabel="1" /><category Label="P 01 <br/> FY 12" ShowLabel="1" /></categories><dataset Alpha="100" SeriesName="UK" ShowValues="1"><set Alpha="80" Value="1594899.78" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1609059.00" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1631723.01" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1664971.32" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1684439.03" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1699559.44" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1713801.92" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1735067.81" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1775857.86" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1824606.65" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1864375.17" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1887188.69" /><set Alpha="80" Value="1922267.73" /></dataset><dataset Alpha="100" SeriesName="US" ShowValues="1"><set Alpha="80" Value="8803916.27" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8812984.36" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8806877.43" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8820940.46" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8805220.68" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8778861.63" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8772327.41" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8751417.00" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8742307.46" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8744868.26" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8760592.06" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8749916.08" /><set Alpha="80" Value="8734657.70" /></dataset></chart>

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