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I am building some charts that will need to be displayed on various platforms, some of which do not have Flash support, and have a question about setting the background of a pie chart to transparent. As long as the chart is being rendered in Flash the background displays as transparent but as soon as Flash is removed the background is white. I have tried various combinations of calling the RenderChart routine but to no avail. Below is some of the sample code that I have used.


1) Setting a background image that is completely transparent

"bgImage", "images/transparency.png"


"bgImageAlpha", "100"




2) Setting a background alpha

"bgAlpha", "0,0"







3) Normal call to RenderChart

FusionCharts.SetConfiguration("wmode", "transparent")


fcTotalAfterChart.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChart("FusionCharts/Pie2D.swf", "", doc.OuterXml.Replace("""", "'"), "After", "200", "200", False, False)







4) Direct call to RenderChart using javascript and setting transparent on the call

FusionCharts.SetConfiguration("wmode", "transparent")




fcTotalAfterChart.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChart("FusionCharts/Pie2D.swf", "", doc.OuterXml.Replace("""", "'"), "After", "200", "200", False, False, True)





I have attached a screen grab of two charts side by side, the left one is rendered through Flash the right without. All the settings are created using the same code. This is using the latest version (3.2 XT).





Thanks for any help you can provide.











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Please try using the following to make the background of chart transparent:





Also, please try using the latest version of FusionCharts v3.3.1 SR3 and check if your problem gets resolved.


Awaiting your response.

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