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Chart Legend Not Visible In Ipad

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I am using fusion charts version 3.2.1 in our website but am having problems for displaying legend for the chart. It works normal in desktop browers (Firefox/Safari/IE ) but unable to see the legend on the charts on an IPAD . following is the xml file for the chart




<chart caption="Field Air" subcaption="Revenue {BR} ( 31 Dec 10-31 Dec 06 )"

xaxisname="Year" yaxisname="Revenue " yaxismaxvalue="0" yaxisminvalue="0"

numbersuffix="m" decimalprecision="2" showvalues="0" imagesave="1" imagesaveurl=""

showborder="0" bgcolor="FFFFFF" use3dlighting="0" palettecolors="88B600,F6BB0B,CAE677, FF9B19,ABD3F3,4887CE"

adjustdiv="0" canvasbgcolor="ffffff" canvasbgdepth="0" plotgradientcolor='' chartrightmargin="50"

anchorbgcolor="000000" formatnumber="1" decimals="2" forcedecimals="1" numdivlines="3"

numvdivlines="3" divlinecolor="666699" divlineisdashed="1" divlinedashlen="1"

divlinedashgap="1" showlegend="1" legendposition="RIGHT" numberprefix="" formatnumberscale="0"

charttopmargin="0" exportenabled='1' exporthandler="/FCExporter.aspx" exportatclient='0'

exportaction='download' exportfilename='Cargo Revenue_10_31_2011' numberscalevalue='1000000'


<set name='31 Dec 10' value='235.85' />

<set name='31 Dec 09' value='496.27' />

<set name='31 Dec 08' value='883.64' />

<set name='31 Dec 07' value='800.28' />

<set name='31 Dec 06' value='783.79' />



<style name='myLegendFont' type='font' font='Verdana' size='11' color='639ACE' bold='1' />

<style name='myAnim' type='animation' param='_alpha' start='0' duration='1'/>



<apply toObject='Legend' styles='myLegendFont' />

<apply toObject='Legend' styles='myAnim' />




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Guest Angshu


Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


It seems from your XML code that you are using single-series chart.The legend does not appear for single-series charts because there is only one series in the chart.


In multi-series / combination charts, the series name of each data-set shows up in the legend of the chart. This helps you relate a data plot to its series name using its color.


For more details, please visit the links below:








Hope this helps.

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