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How To Change To Level Points Column ?

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i change



<line startValue='0' endValue='30' color='FF0000' alpha='5' displayValue='External Network' isTrendZone='1'/>

<line startValue='30' endValue='60' color='00FF00' alpha='5' displayValue='Middleware' isTrendZone='1'/>

<line startValue='60' endValue='100' color='0000FF' alpha='5' displayValue='Internal Network' isTrendZone='1'/>





<line startValue='0' endValue='20' color='FF0000' alpha='5' displayValue='NODE' isTrendZone='1'/>

<line startValue='20' endValue='100' color='00FF00' alpha='5' displayValue='NODE1' isTrendZone='1'/>



but donot display Level points column,is blank space.

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<div>  <trendlines></div><div>        <line startValue='30' endValue='30'  isTrendZone= '0' displayValue='Median Cost' color='FF0000'/></div><div>  </trendlines> </div><div>can not change color where region between two lines,</div>

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