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Welcome to the FusionCharts Forum.


Thank you for the post.


The label that you define in the <set.../> tag, will be used in the Legend.


Hence, if you want to display percentage values in the Legend, then you have to explicitly define the label with percentage value.


Please note:

If you use the above method to include percentage value in the legend, please make sure to define 'toolText' and 'displayValue' attribute correspondingly, otherwise, it will lead to redundancy.


Please find attached screenshot of the chart rendered with the above settings.


Also, please find the XML sample attached for your reference.


Hope this helps !


Happy FusionCharting :)



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Thanks for the query.
The label which we set with a value, that same label is used by the legend.
So if you want to modify the legend, you need to reach there by setting the label in the desired format. e.g "label" : "Teenage, 29.4%"
Note : We need to modify the tooltext and the display value to avoid redundancy.
Please find the sample fiddle below, for the implementation.

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