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  1. I am trying to create real time line graph for the project. Do you know who to create real time graph using php?

  2. Export pdf | Quality

    Hello, We have released a dedicated product for exporting the chart. Please refer this doc for the same - Regards, Prerana Singh
  3. Firefox multiple Pie2d on page label error

    Hello, We have already shared the patch file with you. Please check and let us know whether you have received the correct patch or not.
  4. Hello, As of now, there is no possible workaround to distinguish between bubbles where all the values are same.
  5. Hello, The issue has already been logged internally for the same reason. We will keep you updated regarding the fix.
  6. Hello, Thanks for sharing the details. We have checked this issue using the current version of edge browser, and it is working as expected i.e the issue is not getting replicated. As the browser version, you have shared is a very old one so its difficult to debug. We have also noticed that you are using an older version of FusionCharts, please upgrade to the latest version which is 3.12.2.
  7. Hello, Please let us know, which version of FusionCharts you are using. It would be helpful if you can share a sample fiddle with us where this issue is getting replicated.
  8. Hello, Glad to know that the issue has been solved. Happy FusionCharting
  9. Hello, Please let us know, are you getting any error while rendering the chart?
  10. Hello, The issue has been logged internally, will keep you updated. Regards,
  11. Hello, We are looking into this, will keep you updated. Regards,
  12. Dynamic SQL query for Fusion Chart PHP

    Hello, FusionCharts natively can't interpret with data. You have to form a SQL query based on properties selected by the user and then form JSON data corresponding to FusionCharts format by using the data fetched and then pass it to FusionCharts. Please refer the sample given here: You can also refer the sample fiddle given here to know more about the JSON format. : Hope this will help.
  13. Hello, You can remove the verticle scrolling by using the attribute useVerticalScrolling as 0. By default, it is set to 1. Regards,
  14. Hello, It is a confirmed bug and has been logged internally. We will keep you updated. Regards
  15. Hello, We are looking into this, will keep you updated. Regards