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I Want A Hyperlink On Bar2D Chart's Bar

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Thanks for your sugg for my previous post, I took new FC XT version and works fine for me.

Now I am able to draw a single Bar2D chart. Now I want a hyperlink on the Bar legend.

Please find the attached image.

My Code is

<set value='123456' displayValue=\'$1.0M vesting (next 6 months)\' color='D7E4BD' showPlotBorder='0' showBorder='0' />


Now I want write something like Hyperlink to next 6 months (like <a href=''> next 6 months </a>)


Simple terms it is : Want handle click event for display value of a bar.


Thanks & regards



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Guest Angshu



Thanks for your post.


I am afraid, FusionCharts does not support handling click events on display value of a bar, as of now.


Hope this helps.

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