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Pie Graph: Slicing Distance Not Recalculated Upon Resize

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In SR2 version, there was this line:

* Improved: Better and automatic handling of "slicingDistance" attribute of Pie and Doughnut charts.


The behavior I noticed is that when the graph is resized, the slicing distance remains the same. So if the slicingDistance is 10px for a 300x400 size graph, when the graph is resied to 900x1200, the slicingDistance still remains 10px. Hence, it looks like the slice is not pulled out. I'm not sure if automatic handling means it handled upon resize but it seems like it would make sense. Either this or let us set slicing distance in percent of the radius.


I'm manually resetting the slicing distance upon resize but setting this resets the sliced out slices. I have noticed that the graph stated is not preserved when redrawn (such as by using setChartAttribute).

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Guest Sumedh

Greetings. smile.gif


We are looking into the issue.


Actually, we are testing the issue in our labs, if replicated we will surely provide the fix for it in the upcoming releases.


Hope you have a great day. smile.gif

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