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We are wanting to provide more description to users beyond the current "Waiting" message that appears on page prior to printing a fusionchart image. Currently functionality is that the chart renders, a grey box appears on page that says "Waiting". Once user right clicks chart and chooses to print to {jpg, png, etc} it renders server side and then the "Waiting" text is replaced by a "Save" button whereby the user can download the image. We've not been able to locate the file that specifies the default message "Waiting". Could you direct us to it so that we can update the message to something more explicit, like "Waiting to Print"?




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Hi John,


To change the status message, to show until the chart has been exported, try using the following code:


myExportComponent.componentAttributes.btndisabledtitle = 'Waiting to print';


For more information to customize the Component Attributes, please refer the following link:


Hope this helps :)

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