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How To Export Multiple Charts And Save Them On The Server

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I am just wondering, what would be the best way to implement the server-side exporting for multiple charts? For example, I have a page with 3 charts on it and I want them all to be exported to the server and saved as images which I can reference later on.


Can anyone give me some pointers please? Thanks

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Guest Sumedh

Greetings, smile.gif


You would need to use exportChart() function for each chart on the page.


Please note, exportChart() function should be used with different DOM Id's.


Refer the following code:


Ref. code:


<script type="text/javascript"><!--

function ExportMyCharts(){

var chartObject1 = getChartFromId('myChartId1');

if( chartObject1.hasRendered() )



var chartObject2 = getChartFromId('myChartId2');

if( chartObject2.hasRendered() )



Also, you would need to change the path for ExportHandler file(FCExporter file - php/aspx).


You would need to set export related attributes under the chart element.


exportHandler='link of the exporthandler file'





Please find attached sample code for your reference.


Hope this helps. smile.gif

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