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Does Rendercharthtml's Dataurl Properties Support Json Format ?

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Hi, Help Needed.

Does RenderChartHTML's Dataurl support .JSON file?

this is what I have wrote but it shows nothing, so, i've wondering that does RenderChartHTML support .json file?


Literal1.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("MSLine.swf", "data.JSON", "", "charts1", "650", "200", false);


A decent answer will be very helpful. Thanks to those who tried to answer.

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Guest Sumedh

Greetings, smile.gif


RenderChartHTML() method does not support JSON file format in the dataurl.


IT is recommended that you use FusionCharts JavaScript class method for embedding the charts in an HTML page.


That is the only way to get JavaScript (HTML5) fallback for the charts.


When embedding using OBJECT/EMBED method, only Flash charts will show up.


Additionally, features such as JSON data support, managed printing in Mozilla based browsers and enhanced browser-specific error handling would not function as well, as they are dependent on the FusionCharts JavaScript class.


Hope this helps. smile.gif

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