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I got hold of fusion charts yesterday and I'm having an issue with drilldowns I want to have one chart on the page click on it and a lower chart appear with extra detail in keep bothi on the screen at the same time. I have download the management example which has many charts in and it does what i want except i cant edit or debug the code to work. So how do i get what i want? I know its a rookie question. I'm using Asp.Net (VB) visual studio 2005. I know i could use the link in the xml to go to the same page with a key in the url but the management example seems to be sweeter than that and does it smoother. As doing the the link way reanimates the top chart.



So i'm asking is that the only way using the link and put a key in the url? (Eg. Default.aspx?ID=1) Or is there a better way? And how do they do it in the management dashboard demo i have download from the fusion charts?



Sorry new to forums and fusion chart i hope that made sense?





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