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I bought the personal addition for a demo we were doing and i got things working on our development machine no problem (64bit windows 8 visual studio 2005.) But when i try and rollout to the web server for the demo it doesnt work it says the javascript can't be found message undefined . Am i doing something wrong the web server is 2008 64bit iis 8 ?



The page just says chart. on it i have the path to javascript set up correct.<SCRIPT type="text/javascript" src="../FusionCharts/FusionCharts.js"></SCRIPT>



Please help






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Guest Sumedh



Any of these listed reasons can cause this error to occur:


> You have not set correct path of FusionCharts.js in your code

> The page contains JavaScript error

> If you are setting the data as XML/JSON String, you might be including new-line characters in the XML/JSON string. New line characters in XML/JSON string cause JavaScript error.

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