Asp Panel Comes Behind Swf (Flash) Object

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Am using ajaxtoolkit:modalpopupextender and it comes behind the flash object ..i want popup displays as first ..the code is ..


<asp:UpdatePanel ID="t1" runat="server">



<ajaxToolkit:ModalPopupExtender ID="mpePnlPopUp" runat="server" CancelControlID="img_Popup_Close_Daysettings"

BehaviorID="mpePop" PopupControlID="pnl_Popup" BackgroundCssClass="modalBackground"

PopupDragHandleControlID="pnl_Popup" TargetControlID="imgPrintReport">



<asp:Panel ID="pnl_Popup" runat="server">


<panel style goes here....>






i put z-index for flash object as -1 and put popup as 1000000




there is no change

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i follow the link that you gave in last post ..

i did the instructions in that post to my work but i doesn't solve my issue ..


i attached one sample screen shot for my problem kindly have a review with that and reply me ASAP..


thanks in advance...


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Guest Sumedh



Can you try following code for your requirement?


Create two div's, place chart in the one div and your modalpopupextender in another div.


Use z-index property of CSS, as mentioned below:





width: 600px;

z-index: 1000; ----------------------------> (setting positive z-index)





top: 5px;

width: 420px;

left: 20px;

border: 0px;

height: 10%;

background: #FFFFFF;

z-index: -1; ----------------------> (setting negative z-index ).





<div id= "modalpopupextender" > modalpopupextender will load here.</div>

<div id="chartContainerUnder "> chart will load here</div>



Hope this

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