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Relation Of Fusioncharts.js Fusionchartsexportcomponent.js

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hi,i used FusionCharts in client by js,in export scene,will used FusionCharts.js and FusionChartsExportComponent.js file.

now , I want to know two files relation, in run-time, how FusionCharts calls FusionChartsExportComponent.




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FusionCharts JavaScript class (FusionCharts.js) - The JavaScript class used to embed the chart.


FusionCharts Export Component JavaScript class (FusionChartsExportComponent.js) - This JavaScript class helps you initiate the FusionCharts Export Component object and to set the JavaScript communication channel between the chart and FusionCharts Export Component. It has additional logic for cross-browser compatibility and error handling.


Once when the chart is rendered and exportEnabled attribute has set to 1. FusionCharts, by itself, cannot directly export the charts as images. It needs help from either server-side scripts, or other client side Flash movies (coded in Flash 10) to accept the bitmap snapshot sent by FusionCharts, and to convert that as image/PDF.


Hope this helps.:)

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