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Fusioncharts & Ie8

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(I posted this earlier in the wrong place - sorry!).


I have series of FusionCharts all of which work correctly in Flash mode and in Javascript Native mode in all the modern browsers except for IE8. In IE8 with no Flash installed the chart starts to render (I can see the background and captions etctera but no bars). Then a Javascript Error occurs


FusionChartsExportComponentjs. line 852 character 21


sync: function (arc, tgt)


for (var item in arc) {

tgt (itm) = src(itm); /// Error here Object expected.



This occurs several times then in


FusionCharts.HC.js line 3895 character 17




'moduleCmdQueue[...]' is null or not an object.



I have attached the HTML from the page

FusionChart Crash.txt

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Guest Sumedh



I could not replicate the same.


Can you please confirm which FusionCharts version are you using?


And please try to provide relative path for the .js files.


In your code you have provided absolute path for the .js files


var chart1 = new FusionCharts("/images/FC322/Charts/MSLine.swf", "chart1Id", "700", "400", "0", "1")


It can be like (".../images/FC322/Charts/MSLine.swf", "chart1Id", "700", "400", "0", "1")


Please find attached screenshot for your reference.


Hope this helps.


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Initially I though this was an IE problem but when I added FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); and displayed my chart in FireFox 10 It does not render correctly. As you can see in the attached image the tops of the 3d bars are renderered but mot the vertical bars. This is using MSColumn3D.swf - if I use MSColumn2D.swf then no bars are rendered at all.


The error 'tgt is undefined' in FusionChartsExportsComponents.js ( I don't think this is the renering problem).


* Syncs two property-lists

* @param src object: Source property-list

* @param tgt object: Target property-list


sync: function(src, tgt)


for(var itm in src) {

tgt[itm] = src[itm];




I am using FusionCharts 3.2.2.


I have seen elsewhere in this forum that there is a service release but I cannot find anywhere on your website where I can download this (we are paying, government customers - NSW Board of Studies Australia). Should resubmit this to support?


I don't understand the issue about relative paths. My paths are correct and I don't need to set them relatively.


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