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2D Dual Y Combination Chart Error

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I have a minor error with one of these charts and was hoping someone could help


I've attached my XML.


The chart is working fine except for one thing. When you mouse over the Area (named 'Expenses' in my chart) the tooltip for that Area doesn't change to the appropriate value. The mouse over tooltip for the Line (Margin) and the Column (Revenue) changes just fine.


I've compared the XML to that in one of the gallery charts and can't figure out why it's not working. I've recently updated all the SWF files in our installation as well.


Can anyone help?




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Guest Sashibhusan



Thank you for the post.


Please note that in case of Area chart the tooltip will be displayed at the tip only.


I have checked your XML and it is working fine. (see attached screen-shot)


Hope this helps!!


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