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Export Charts To Image On The My Server By Javacript Chart

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I want to export chart to image on the my server because get image on report(pdf) and chart on ipad.


I read in FusionChart XT Documentation,it tell me follow from this link


The steps are as follows.


1.Make sure that PHP and Java is installed on your server

2.Upload the index.php file to your server

3. In your FTP program, create directory called temp in the same directory as index.php and chmod this new directory to 777 (Linux/Unix servers only)

4. Download Batik from Find the binary distribution for your version of JRE 5

5. Upload batik-rasterizer.jar and the entire lib directory to a location on your web server

6. In the options in the top of the index.php file, set the path to batik-rasterier.jar

7. In your _overrideJSChartConfiguration, set the exporting.url option to match the index.php file location


There are ways other than the above ?

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Guest Sumedh



Let us know if this steps work for you, if it comes up with any issue, we will help you out from there.

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