Dataurl Provided: And Invoked: Not Same

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I have pass parameter with dataUrl,in debug mode ,i see the DataURL provied and invoked: not same,

when i use firefox, the dataurl invoked twice

dataURL provided: /report/fusionchart?sqlKey=t_r_deposit_order_day&showBorder=1&baseFontSize=15&formatNumber=0&caption=财务订单月报表&pMonth=2011-10&monthFrom=2011-11&monthTo=2011-12
dataURL invoked: /report/fusionchart?sqlKey=t_r_deposit_order_day&showBorder=1&baseFontSize=15&formatNumber=0&caption=璐㈠姟璁㈠崟鏈堟姤琛?pMonth=2011-10&monthFrom=2011-11&monthTo=2011-12&FCTime=111





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