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Issue With Ie8/9 While Drill-Down

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Hi All,


I am using fusion chart in GWT, where i call JavaScript function for drill-down.

In my EntryPoint class in GWT I am using event handler:

Window.addCloseHandler(new CloseHandler<Window>() {
		public void onClose(CloseEvent<Window> arg0) {


This will be called every time window is closed and refreshed. Thus it shows confirmation message when browser is closed/refreshed, same as in snippet attached; which is correct.

XML which render chart is :

<chart caption='ABC Bank Branches' subCaption='(In 
     Asian Countries)' yaxislabel='Branches' xaxislabel='Country'>
   <set label='Hong Kong' value='235' link="JavaScript:myJS('Hong Kong,235');"/> 
   <set label='Japan' value='123' link="JavaScript:myJS('Japan, 123');"/>

When I click on bar, it calls myJS() function in javascript - which then calls myJS1() function in GWT.

function myJS(city, number){
myJS1(city, number);


Issue: All works perfectly fine, but when i drill down in IE 8/9, I see that same confirmation message and clicking on "Leave this page" directs to the drilled chart. But seeing this confirmation message is annoying on each drill-down, which even has no relevance.

I encountered same problem when I clicked on anchor text in GWT, but using event.preventDefault() helped me in overcoming that issue. This problem is only with IE8/9. It works fine with Firefox Mozilla.

Please, do suggest something fruitful to overcome this.


Thanks in advance,

Rahul Mathur



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