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Invalid_Character_Err For Fusioncharts.hc.js With Html5 For Android2.2

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I tried to using fusionchart to my PhoneGap project. It works well for android 4.0 but for android2.2 I got an error :03-18 01:03:37.966: E/Web Console(275): INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR: DOM Exception 5: An invalid or illegal character was specified, such as in an XML name. at file:///android_asset/www/public/js/FusionCharts.HC.js:110

I use the lastest version.


I tried to fix it but failed, Please help me, and it 's very urgent.


I attched my code for check.

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Guest Sumedh



In Android 2.2 version, SVG and VML is not supported by the browsers.


For rendering charts in pure JavaScript, SVG and VML supported browsers are required.


However, charts can be rendered in Flash on Android 2.2 version.


For more information, read more here:


Hope this helps.

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